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Fully 25% of attorneys in the United States believe that e-Discovery will be the most challenging legal issue of the next decade.


Management knows – if you are a corporation, then someday you’re likely to be sued or you’ll likely have to sue someone. Even absent pending litigation, protection, preservation and production of company data is not only mandatory, but with the implementation of new e-Discovery rules, failure to do so can subject you to civil as well as criminal liability. But what do you preserve, how long do you retain it, how much must you retrieve – and how do you retrieve it?


A catastrophic data loss is one of the most devastating things a company can experience. The costs associated with such an incident are enormous: restore costs, lost use of human resources, suspension of ongoing operations, lost revenue, and much more.


Nothing is more important to management than staying within the allotted budget. Advance planning and discipline are key. Without understanding where you want to go and how to get there, costs can quickly spiral out of control. Controlling costs will become even more challenging as companies struggle to implement and comply with new e-Discovery rules and regulations.


Without a doubt, nothing causes more anxiety than the potential for a breach of security. Many companies struggle to keep their technology and legal resources up to date to protect against the latest threats. And the threats can take on many forms; hackers, accidental release of confidential corporate or client data, even a disgruntled employee - it’s a never-ending battle and it must be vigilantly fought. The cost to your firm can be devastating: loss of client confidence, lost advantage to the competition, litigation exposure and much more; therefore, protecting your data is paramount.


Charon Solutions was Technology Consultant to the following mergers and acquisitions:

  • Timer-Warner merger with Turner Broadcasting System
  • Western International Media Corporation merger with Initiative Media
  • Careerbuilder.com acquisition of CareerPath.com

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