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Charon Solutions has technical and legal expertise at your fingertips. If you have a pending legal issue or are concerned that an issue may result in litigation in the future, Charon Solutions can review a prior process or certify a new one and then back it up by providing an expert to testify on your behalf. We can also liaise with your existing legal department, outside counsel and/or IT department at your request.


Sometimes the issue is so big that it spans an entire department. Not a problem. Our management consultants have been asked to step into these situations before and have provided excellent results for our customers.


The task of implementing a project plan from start to finish is one of the most taxing for anyone who has ever tackled the job. Perhaps the project has not even been scoped-out and you require additional resources to do so. Charon Solutions has an excellent staff of project managers, many of whom have completed the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge).


Many industries have extremely specific requirements that must be adhered to under threat of penalty. Corporations are now tasked with the additional burden of understanding and complying with new e-Discovery rules and regulations.


Charon Solutions has always recognized that there is no point in providing outstanding service to our customers if processes break down the moment we leave. We make sure that there is a proper hand-off and that requires documentation. Charon Solutions provides the best documentation in the business.

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Do you have a legal problem that requires the exclusive assistance of an attorney? If so, please click here to be directed to Charon Law for a confidential consultation.