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Charon Solutions has technical and legal expertise at your fingertips. If you have a pending legal issue or are concerned that an issue may result in litigation in the future, Charon Solutions can review a prior process or certify a new one and then back it up by providing an expert to testify on your behalf. We can also liaise with your existing legal department, outside counsel and/or IT department at your request.

Furthermore, if we provide a service for you and you enter into litigation thereafter, Charon Solutions will provide an expert to testify about the services we performed for you.

The President of Charon Solutions is a licensed California attorney which lends credibility in a deposition or courtroom situation. He knows the critical nature of evidentiary procedures such as documenting processes, chain of custody and most importantly, the new e-Discovery procedures. Rest assured we speak the same language.

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Do you have a legal problem that requires the exclusive assistance of an attorney? If so, please click here to be directed to Charon Law for a confidential consultation.