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A catastrophic data loss is one of the most devastating things a company can experience. The costs associated with such an incident are enormous: restore costs, lost use of human resources, suspension of ongoing operations, lost revenue, and much more.

It’s crucial that your company 1) understands its risk exposure, 2) has a rock-solid procedure in place to protect against catastrophic data loss (making use of off-site data storage and/or fault tolerance systems), 3) has a proven procedure for restoring data – a step that many companies never test, only to get a very unpleasant surprise when it’s needed.

Charon Solutions has handled disaster recovery for some of the world’s largest corporations. We know it is critical to your continued operation to assess and implement a plan that provides maximum protection against data loss.

As a bonus, Charon Solutions can show you how you can leverage your existing disaster recovery solution to protect your enterprise for the new e-Discovery rules, thereby cutting costs substantially. If you have an existing disaster recovery program, you’re already halfway there!

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